[Mono-dev] creating a libmono for embedding (linux) with llvm

Jonathan Shore jonathan.shore at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 01:08:17 UTC 2012

I had recently built mono 2.10.8.x with LLVM enabled.  I have an application that needs to load a shared library containing a compilation of an api and the mono runtime.   On OSX and windows I am able to create the shared library and load without link issues.

With the LLVM build on linux, however, there are about 90 undefined LLVM symbols in libmono-2.0.so.   None of the .a or .so libraries define these symbols.    Looking for some of these symbols at random, found them all in the mono executable, but *not* in any of the libraries.

Given that these are defined in the executable, there should be a way to get these directly into a shared library, buy including a larger set of source for the libmono-2.0.so.   Has anyone linked an embedded application against 2.10.x compiled with llvm?      

I have been able to link on the standard OSX and windows builds.   The libmono-2.0 on those platforms does not have any undefined llvm symbols.


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