[Mono-dev] libMonoPosixHelper and libMonoSupportW not being built when --disable-mcs-build

autif khan autif.mlist at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 16:19:57 UTC 2012

I am cross compiling mono and have success with it. The process as described is:

1) Compile mono on build/host machine for the libraries
2) Cross Compile mono with --disable-mcs-build and copy the .NET
libraries to the target system.

However, I have to use --disable-mcs-build mono_cv_uscore=no
--with-tls=pthread --with-sigaltstack=no for configuration.

Then I copy over both the etc/mono and usr/lib/mono directories to the
target system

At this point of time, I am able to get all the runtime tests to pass
and almost all the mscorlib and System.dll tests to pass.

The problem is that when I try to execute a .NET app that uses Windows
Forms, I get a DllNotFoundException for these (unmanaged) libraries.

I have verified that libMonoPosixHelper.* and libMonoSupportW.* are
not being built, even when we just compile (not necessarily cross
compile) mono with --disable-mcs-build

So, whats going on what can I do to force build this?

I am using the latest stable version



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