[Mono-dev] Centralized MonoStore

David Schmitt david at dasz.at
Fri Jan 20 13:07:45 UTC 2012

On 20.01.2012 12:50, jaysonp wrote:
>     My question is, on the new Windows client machine, how will I map/mount
> the shared main mono cert store, in such a way that the client machine will
> treat this as its machine mono cert store?
>     To hopefully clarify, here are some scenarios:
>         1. Running certmgr /add /c /m Trust<certificate>  on the client
> machine *will mean adding the certificate on the shared main mono cert store
> rather than adding it on its local %PROGRAMDATA%*
>         2. Running chktrust on the client machine *will mean chktrust will
> connect to the shared main mono cert store to verify the validity of the
> certificate rather than connecting on its locat %PROGRAMDATA%*
>      Again, both main mono store and client are hosted on a Windows Machine.

Mounting a UNC to a directory (instead of a drive letter) is pretty 
basic win-admin stuff.

See for example this answer on sf:


Regards, D.

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