[Mono-dev] Centralized MonoStore

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Jan 17 15:01:07 UTC 2012

On 16.01.2012 11:24, jaysonp wrote:
> Hi Robert,
>      Thank you very much for the steps you provided. It's really helpful. I
> have 3 clarifications though. Specifically, for step number 4:
>      /* 4) mount the shared folders an all other machines as
>      "$monoprefix/share/.mono/".*/
>       1. This is not applicable to Windows machines right? I mean even if
> shared the mono cert store like you instructed, other Windows machines
> cannot connect to that mounted cert store?

It applies to all platforms.

>       2. Does this mean that when I run "chktrust" of mono on a machine where
> the mono cert store was mounted, it will connect to the said mounted cert
> store? Or will it still connect on its local mono store?

It will use the local cert store, but since this directory is
mounted, it will use a remote store. That's the trick.

>       3. On my Windows machine, I checked the mono cert store directory and
> found no  "$monoprefix/share/.mono/"... Is this the same as "C:\Program
> Files\Mono-2.10.4\share\mono-2.0\mono"? However, this directory contains

The cert store does not exist until you create it, e.g. by adding
a cert.


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