[Mono-dev] Centralized MonoStore

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Jan 16 09:17:53 UTC 2012

On 16.01.2012 08:33, jaysonp wrote:
> Any feedback? Thank you

Sorry, I'm not proficient enough to tell you how to share
folders securely between Unix and Windows.

I can only give your a sketch:

1) set up a machine running Mono that can act as a server (Windows
or Unix, it doesn't matter),
2) fill its machine cert store periodically using mozroots,
3) share the machine cert store directory. The directory
    is "$monoprefix/share/.mono/",
4) mount the shared folders an all other machines as

If you can't set up network share, you may want to use
a synchronization tool instead. A widely used tool for this
purpose is "rsync". Its docs should be self-explanatory.


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