[Mono-dev] Catching NRE in Embedded Mono

Jeff Ward jeff at fuzzybinary.com
Mon Jan 9 20:10:49 UTC 2012

> You can also try and replace mono's usage of SetUnhandledExceptionFilter with
> a call to AddVectoredExceptionHandler.
This is probably the best option, actually, but would require I rebuild
mono, something I'm not too keen on doing at the moment (we're on a tight

> > I'm not personally overriding the SIGSEGV handler (though I may in the
>> > future) but the Visual Studio debugger may be?  Is that possible?
>> Definitely. Last time I checked (I don't remember if it was with
>> VS 2008 or 2010), I had to give up and use WinDbg instead.
>> Maybe I didn't find the right knob to switch off this behavior...
If there's a correct knob, I couldn't find it.  This is probably just a use
case that isn't supported in the debugger.

> What may help is setting the env var
>>        MONO_DEBUG=explicit-null-checks
Is there a point this has to be set by, or a way I can push this into mono
from code (e.g. an option I can set on the jitter?).  Setting the
environment variable in code (even before invoking mono_jit_init_version)
did't work.  I saw somewhere that this is available as a  --debug option.
 Can I pass it to mono_jit_parse_options somehow?
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