[Mono-dev] How to combine Mono with Application Binaries for redistribution

Autif Khan autif.mlist at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 23:33:56 UTC 2012

> I developed an applicaiton using MonoDevelop. It runs fine from the machine I
> developed on Chrome (OpenSUSE 11.4)  with the related Mono products. I need
> my application to work on CentOS. I want to build a tar.gz or something
> similar that I can distribute to CentOS. Is there anyway to compile Mono
> with the source code I've developed to work within a self contained world.
> The only way my app would work on other Linux distro's is if they compile
> Mono from Source. Or is there another way to develop an application using
> Mono where you can package it to work on other Linux distros ?

I am sure, I am missing something here, but

1) CentOS must have a mono package - why would your app not run with
those binaries - unless

2) .. you changed mono's source, and distribute only binaries, that
would be violating GPL

or ...

3) your app is actually something that enhances mono

So - what am I missing?

Can you provide more details?

Is it a .NET app or something in C/C++?

Does it modify mono's sources?

Are you open to open sourcing your app?

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