[Mono-dev] high-freq use of compiler as a service or reflection.emit

Marek Safar marek.safar at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 09:41:19 UTC 2012

> I have an application where rules are generated (as part of a genetic 
> algorithm).   Rather than evaluate the rules in interpreted form 
> (which are 5x or more slower than the equivalent compiled code), 
> thinking to use reflection.emit or the mono compiler as a service.
Compiler as a service is most likely too heavy weight for you, it does 
all complicated logic behind C# and unless your input rules are very 
complex you won't benefit from it.

I think the most suitable options for you would be 
System.Linq.Expressions. It's very easy to use abstraction on top of 
reflection.emit and it does some simple optimizations too.


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