[Mono-dev] MIPS compilation (64bit) - Flags? - MORE INFO - Consultant

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Tue Dec 11 13:55:33 UTC 2012

On 12/10/2012 12:49 PM, NokNok Developer wrote:
> Hello,
> I have seen some news dating back to March that MONO has been ported 
> for MIPS 64bit.
> http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2012/Mar-22.html
> Couple questions if I may ask:
> 1. Is their a special fork/branch for this port, or is it inclusive in 
> the standard source download for MONO?
> 2. What compile flags/options need to be set for proper compilation?
> Any assistance/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Board/Chipset: CAVIUM OCTEON II (Mips 64bit) 

We have attempted multiple GIT versions, and tried compiling, but not 
having any luck.  I see references (mailing lists) to the MIPS 64 
patches being integrated in 2.11.x, but not having any luck in getting 
MONO to compile.

Snippet from one of our devs:

"        Under mips it is expecting the SIZEOF_REGISTER == 4, for 
SIZEOF_REGISTER == 8 and target
         architecture  is mips  then the build fails with an error "Not 

        In mono/io-layer/atomic.h encountered an error *"error: #error 
"Not implemented.""*. I just tried
        to proceed commenting out #error check, but I got error *"#error 
"Implement mono-context for the current arch""*
        in the file "mono/utils/mono-context.h".  There wasn't any 
context defined for MIPS64.

       #elif ((defined(__mips__) && !defined(MONO_CROSS_COMPILE)) || 
(defined(TARGET_MIPS))) && SIZEOF_REGISTER == 4"

Also tried compiling as MIPS32:

"And could not able to  compile for 32-bit using WRL 64bit compiler with 
compiler flags -mgp32, -mabi=32 or -mabi=n32.  I got the below 
error.     " error: '-mgp32' used with a 64-bit ABI"

Is their anyone who can provide any insight getting MIPS64 compiling?

Is their anyone who is familiar enough with this, that could in fact 
provide some paid consulting services if that be the case to get it to a 
point of compiling.  This based on an assumption that most of the 
work/patches already exist, and may need to just be applied, or limited 

Thanks for your time and reviewing this and hope some progress/insight 
can be made.

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