[Mono-dev] Question about Mono.Data.Tds

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
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The assembly Mono.Data.Tds can be thought of as internal to the assembly System.Data for the SqlClient implementation.    So, you can change the API of Mono.Data.Tds as long as you change the assembly System.Data too.

The reason the assembly Mono.Data.Tds exists is historic: Mono.Data.Tds was created to provide the networking/protocol implementation of TDS for Sybase ASE (Mono.Data.SybaseClient), Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or higher (System.Data.SqlClient), and old Sybase SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server pre-7.0 (Mono.Data.TdsClient) databases.    However, I do not think the assemblies Mono.Data.SybaseClient nor Mono.Data.TdsClient is included in Mono anymore.  If you need Sybase ASE or support for older Sybase ASE or Microsoft SQL Server databases, you should use ODBC/FreeTDS.

Mono.Data.Tds is based on the projects FreeTDS and jTDS.

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Subject: [Mono-dev] Question about Mono.Data.Tds
Question about Mono.Data.Tds:

Is it API stable? Does it need to be?

I ask this because I'm interested in fixing a bug. And for me, it would be much easier to write a regression test for it if I could change it's API slightly.

And when I say "slightly" I don't mean breaking changes, but API additions: for instance, make some class inherit from some new interface.

Feedback appreciated. Thanks!



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