[Mono-dev] Possible System.Web.UI.UpdatePanel bug

k0l0b0k k0l0b0k.void at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 07:02:51 UTC 2012

Hello. I'm mentioned a weird bug, which ups sometimes by mono people on the
internet, and related to nested UpdatePanels on page.
So, I have a page, and some nested UpdatePanels, contained in some
dynamically loaded UserControls. On the most child panel I have a button,
which need to be updated on click, but it does not, where as on
Windows/.NET4.0 it does. I've found, that lines ( from 322) in

UpdatePanel parent = ParentPanel;
if (parent != null && parent.ChildrenAsTriggers)
  writer.Write (sb.ToString ());
  ScriptManager.WriteCallbackPanel (responseOutput, this, sb);

of current git trunk. I think that there are additional check required:

if (parent != null && parent.ChildrenAsTriggers && parent.RequiresUpdate)

so, push this update panel content to the parent's writer only if it
requires update, coz we lost all output if parent don't need to be updated.
Simple workarround is to turn off ChildrenAsTriggers on parent panel - and
all works fine. What do you think about?
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