[Mono-dev] mono wcf

David Schmitt david at dasz.at
Wed Aug 1 07:21:07 UTC 2012

On 01.08.2012 01:57, icorderi wrote:
> @Rob Yes localhost is translated to on hosts. But
> regardless of that, if the wcf service is hosted as
> net.tcp://localhost:8081 it should work as expected.

I would expect it to use localhost if localhost is specified.

> An easy workaround is to change the config to net.tcp://<machine
> name>:8081. I can live with that workaround although localhost should
> work as expected. I have to deploy the system to 50k servers,
> although adding a script to change the config post-deployment to
> match the machine name is an easy workaround it shouldnt be the way
> to do this.

If you're deploying your development config to 50k Servers, changing the
URL *afterwards* is probably the least of your problems.

Isn't there a wildcard syntax or something like that? Hmm: Fourth hit on


> The point is to replace host name in base address with "*" symbol
> (wildcard). It will be changed with actual host name in run time.
> Tested it and it worked great.

Best Regards, David

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