[Mono-dev] System.Data.SqlConnection fails on 2nd invalid login attempt

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 23:13:41 UTC 2012

I'll make this easier to debug - i'll post my "full" source....


Just run "unzip ga.zip" and it should extract the folder GhettoGtkAdmin

It's a full monodevelop project

IT's very limited though, at this point all it does is log in (or not), 
depending on whether or not you put in the right password.

I am not giving out the password though.

But you don't need the password to reproduce the error:  Just use 
username 'test' and password 'test' - leave the ftp password/username 
blank, it doesn't do anything at this point in time.  I'm porting this 
from a program i wrote in windows in .net 4.0 with xaml, but only one 
portion at a time, and at low priority.

The first time you click login it will say: Login failed for user test
The second time you click login it will say: Object Reference not set to 
an instance of an object.

The second error message is the problem.


On 04/29/2012 04:18 PM, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> I saw your example.
> SqlConnection with the constructor with the connnection string does 
> not automatically connect to the database.  You have to explicitly 
> call the Open method.
> Mono is working correctly.
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> login attempt
> I probably shouldn't cross-post, but i wasn't sure where to put this, 
> or if i should file a bug report (I'm new-ish to mono).  After reading 
> the mailing list description, this seemed like a more appropriate 
> place to ask.
> First, let me say this is not a critical problem, and i'm not sure 
> whether it is a bug on mono or not.  I might be interested in trying 
> to fix this myself if i can figure out where to start (later), just as 
> a time waster project.
> When I create an SqlConnection called, say, MyConnection, and then 
> call MyConnection.Open() - the second time i call it (though the first 
> time with each new object it is called on) with an invalid login 
> name/password, it fails with what appears to be an exception message 
> that implies something was null when it shouldn't have been (object 
> reference not set to instance of an object).  If i call it with a 
> valid login name/password on any attempt, it doesn't raise any errors, 
> as is expected.
> From what i can tell, this is happening inside of MyConnection.Open() 
> ... and not in my code.  I've verified that MyConnection is not null 
> when i call Open().
> If you want to see sample code, i'll point you to my other post on 
> this topic:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10355669/using-system-data-sqlconnection-in-mono-second-invalid-login-attempt-results-in 
> Does this sound like something i should file a bug on?  Also, if i'm 
> interested in contributing, would it be wisest to file a bug first, 
> then attempt to resolve it?
> -Rob
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