[Mono-dev] System.Data.SqlConnection fails on 2nd invalid login attempt

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 18:57:35 UTC 2012

I probably shouldn't cross-post, but i wasn't sure where to put this, or 
if i should file a bug report (I'm new-ish to mono).  After reading the 
mailing list description, this seemed like a more appropriate place to ask.

First, let me say this is not a critical problem, and i'm not sure 
whether it is a bug on mono or not.  I might be interested in trying to 
fix this myself if i can figure out where to start (later), just as a 
time waster project.

When I create an SqlConnection called, say, MyConnection, and then call 
MyConnection.Open() - the second time i call it (though the first time 
with each new object it is called on) with an invalid login 
name/password, it fails with what appears to be an exception message 
that implies something was null when it shouldn't have been (object 
reference not set to instance of an object).  If i call it with a valid 
login name/password on any attempt, it doesn't raise any errors, as is 

 From what i can tell, this is happening inside of MyConnection.Open() 
... and not in my code.  I've verified that MyConnection is not null 
when i call Open().

If you want to see sample code, i'll point you to my other post on this 

Does this sound like something i should file a bug on?  Also, if i'm 
interested in contributing, would it be wisest to file a bug first, then 
attempt to resolve it?

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