[Mono-dev] strange problem with mkbundle

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Apr 26 13:34:05 UTC 2012

On 24.04.2012 12:46, michelw wrote:
> Hello,
> i've a strange problem.
> I do a simple program for test (download a http file, and print to
> console the file), who works fine on framework 2, 3, 3.5, 4.0. (on dev
> machine)
> First problem:
> When i use mkbundle -o mytest mytest.exe --deps --static, i see he
> always use /usr/lib/mono/4.0/mscorlib.dll and
> /usr/lib/mono/gac/***/****, even i compile on 2,3,3.5, or 4.0....

This is by design. Use "mkbundle2" to bundle the 2.0 assemblies.

> Second: (very strange)
> When i launch my test program on another linux machine, who haven't
> mono, if i compile it with 4.0, i've the error :
> System.NotSupportedException: http://www.domain.com/page.php
> at System.Net.WebRequest.GetCreator (System.String prefix) [0x00000] in
> But, if i compile on 2,3 or 3.5, i've no error, test program works fine
> (remember he use /***/4.0 dll with mkbundle)

It seems that you have to bundle the machine config as well
when you're targeting the 4.0 runtime. See mkbundle's man page
on how to do this.


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