[Mono-dev] Mono 2.11.1 is out

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Fri Apr 20 22:33:44 UTC 2012

Hello guys,

    New code drop of Mono 2.11.1 is out, this new release has a few changes:

= New in 2.11.1 =

== Integrates Microsoft's opensourced web stack ==

The new stacks open sourced by Microsoft:

Have been integrated into Mono.   ASP.NET MVC4 is shipped, but not enabled,
as it requires our own ASP.NET stack to be upgraded to support async
programming, and we do not have that capability yet.

But many other assemblies are now bundled and built:

    * System.Json: Replaces our own implementation
    * System.Net.Http.Formatting
    * System.Web.Http
    * System.Web.Razor
    * System.Web.WebPages.Deployment
    * System.Web.WebPages.Razor
    * System.Web.WebPages

There is still ongoing work to bring more of the assemblies they open
sourced into the default build.

== SGen GC ==

Performance updates, and fine tuning.

New option "minor-collector", the default value is "simple", but we have
introduced a new "split" option that allows objects to live for longer in
the nursery before being graduated to the major heap.

The "split" mode can be further tuned with the "ration" and "promotion-age"

== Soft Debugger Interface ==

Now supports invocation of methods for PrimitiveValues

== Cecil and IKVM Upgrades ==

The version of Mono.Cecil bundled has the latest features from the upstream

Merged upstream IKVM.Reflection.

== Updated System.Net.Http ==

Work continues in this async-friendly API

== C# Compiler as a Service ==

Improved error recovery for IDEs.

More visitors for more node types

== MonoDoc ==

Many improvements to our documentation infrastructure, handles generics,
better lucene indexing

== MVC 3 ==

With the open sourcing of Microsoft's technologies, we can finally run MVC3
out of the box in Mono.    We modified the existing MVC3 codebase to use
the updated versions of Razor and other system libraries.

= Bug Fixes and Updates =

* C# compiler improvements
* .NET 4.5 API updates.
* System.Threading.Tasks updates for .NET 4.5
* Ignore XmlIgnore attributes when importing members in
XmlReflectionImporter. Fixes #4367.
* Better check for missing dependencies for method overloads. Fixes #4457
* System.Web caching bug
* Parse floating point values with negative exponent correctly. Fix bug
* S390x: Fix long standing cast problem that truncated doubles
* Fix parsing of invalid int* exponents. Fixes #4396.
* Fix setting of byref variables in sdb. Fixes #4362.
* Fix for bug #4135. Do not unescape request path in HttpRequest.Path, it's
done by the worker
* Don't evaluate an import unless the file actually exists. Fix for bug
* LLVM should load out of the box on OSX
* Rework CancellationTokenSource to remove locking. Fix #4173.
* Allow setting the name of threadpool threads. Fixes #4269.
* Fix the domains of the objects returned by
AssemblyMirror.GetAssemblyObject ()/TypeMirror.GetTypeObject (). Avoid
caching empty strings in AppDomainMirror.FriendlyName. Fixes #4223.
* Fix COM cctors
* Fix MacOsNetworkInterface.ImplGetAllNetworkInterfaces()
* C#    Emit callvirt for non-virtual object methods called over generic
type parameter
* Fix debugger invokes which return pointer types. Fixes #4214.
* Fix x86 FP stack code to not break prev links in a BB.
* Fix the IR class of OP_NEWARR to be of the array type and not element's.
* Apply SHA256 optimizations (single buffer allocation, inlining and better
locality) to SHA224 so their performance match
* S390 threading bug fixes
* Fix the addresses of handler clauses when using LLVM + thumb.
* Fix hoisting of method parameters when both async and lambda expression
use it
* Fix eglib's canonicalize routine
* Fixed logging profiler (previously it could abort unexpectedly)
* Raise TypeLoadException for invalid StructLayout Pack size rather than
* Add most of the Debug class (with related tracing types) to the mobile
build. Fixes #3754.
* Register vtables in runtime data structures after they have been
completely initialized, since other threads can access them without
locking. Fixes #3676.
*  Fix a memory overwrite in mono_gc_bzero (). Fixes #4095.
* Fix bug #4101 when using a deep hierarchy of directories in isolated
* Send thread end profiler message on thread detach.
* Allow executables in Mono to not be built
* Emit iterators finally block only once. Fixes #4052.
* Fix debugger invokes when the runtime is suspended multiple times. Partly
fixes #3927.
* Allow binding of sockets on a specific IP address
* If the window manager does not support _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW, fall back to

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