[Mono-dev] CXXI. Run Qt under the Mono [GSOC]

Tayfur Yilmaz tayfuryilmaz1 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 11:44:07 UTC 2012

Hi everyone


I will solve problem step by step and  I will start a job base Qt
components with UnitTest I will develop project TDD(Test Driven
Development)  usage with -> NUnit


I will apply a CXXI project and Some problem is spesific for me . In CXXI
project  As a result my job is related C# and C++ language difference and
some data declarations , class, method, delegate difference etc.. so Am I
careful compiler optimization ?

Maybe  project has different compile option  and inclueded some library
differences , .so files .etc  What's usage for it nmake, cmake , qmake is
it problem for me?


I must not that step by step working and good design patterns.


ABI and API concepts and C# and C++ differences revision

Thanks a lot.
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