[Mono-dev] Mono Maintainers list

Alex Rønne Petersen xtzgzorex at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 21:54:21 UTC 2012

Hello folks!

I'm planning to write and maintain a page listing maintainers of
specific parts of Mono. When you have a patch that you wish to
contribute, it is usually easier to go directly to the maintainer of
the part of the code that you are modifying in order to have it
reviewed, rather than posting to the mailing list or #monodev and
waiting for someone to notice it. However, it is not currently clear
who to go to for the various parts of Mono's source. I'm planning to
improve this situation by creating a Maintainers page on the wiki,
which I am also committing to keeping up to date.

So, in order to put together an initial list, I'm writing to the
various dev lists. If you are willing to take maintainership of a
particular part of Mono's source base, please reply to this email with
a description of the parts of Mono you wish to take maintainership of
and your IRC nickname (if any). Essentially, doing this just means
that people will be able to go to you when they need patch reviews.



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