[Mono-dev] GSOC [2012] Questions regarding New Project idea in Cloud Computing

sumit verma sumitverma2013 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 03:43:50 UTC 2012

Hello Mono Team,

I am very excited to contribute in Mono Project community through
the platform of GSoC 2012.

I have an idea of Summer of Code project GSOC 2012 for Mono Project. I call
it *"The Wall - Cloud Computing using Windows Azure".*
Now days, As Cloud Computing are very terminology. if i will create any
project in this, than open source code of it will help to lot of peoples.
I am Familiar with Windows Azure programming using C#. I Implemented lots
of project in it.

Brief of the solution:

A platform to express and share ideas, learn innovative ways of spreading
awareness, wishing somebody or do other things.

*Express: *

Even your slightest idea can be expressed and taken to millions, who might
in turn be benefited. The light bulb was also a small idea, but we can't
live without it today.

For example:

I have a bad neighbor. He is dirty and keeps surrounding unhealthy, dumps
garbage on the road in front of our house. I post on The Wall about this
problem to create awareness against such people.

*Share: *

Your problem, creativity, experience, love or anything can be shared
through this platform.


Almost everybody on this planet has proposed, wished birthday or created
awareness in one way or the other. You can learn from their ideas
irrespective of your geographic location, society, race, tongue or
ethnicity or government.

*Technical Approach:*

* *

The Wall application utilizes many major underlying technologies including:

   - Microsoft Windows Azure
   - Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework
   - Microsoft Visual Studio
   - C#.Net

*Project Architecture:*

* *

Windows Azure does two main things: It runs applications and it stores
their data.

On Windows Azure, an application typically has multiple instances; it
consists of Web role instances and Worker role instances, with each
instance running in its own virtual machine.

The Azure version of The Wall Application utilizes the web role to host
ASP.NET code, and worker role is used for some background processing tasks
such as storing the user entry in table and images into blob. The
communication between the web and worker role takes place via the Azure

Each Web role instance accepts incoming HTTP (or HTTPS) requests. A Web
role can be implemented using ASP.NET, or another .NET Framework technology
that works with IIS. Windows Azure provides built-in load balancing to
spread requests across Web role instances that are part of the same
application. As shown in diagram.

A Worker role instance, by contrast, cannot accept requests directly from
the outside world—it’s not allowed to have any incoming network
connections, and IIS isn’t running in its VM. Instead, it gets its input
from a Web role instance, typically via a queue in Windows Azure storage.

Proposed Solution:

People can express, share and learn irrespective of various limitations
like gender, race, geography, country or friend lists (like other social
networking sites).


   1. I want to show support for Save Water campaign.
   2. I go to The wall.
   3. I come to know that a lot of people are attempting to do the same.
   4. I express my support by putting up my own message.
   5. I share this idea on The wall with other supporters.

This way, people can express, share without any limitation.

 I would be grateful if you could please comment or share some pointers to
regarding this proposal. So i can decide timeline of projects, followed by
mentioning them in proposal that i want to submit it in Mono Project for
GSOC 2012. Could someone be a mentor for this project or have any

I am Sure Mono Project will welcome my new idea, thanks .....


Sumit Verma ....
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