[Mono-dev] Google Summer of Code project ideas

"Konrad M. Kruczyński" konrad.kruczynski at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 09:53:47 UTC 2012


 > I have an idea of Summer of Code project.
 > I call it "Smart usings for C#". I'm writing code not only in C#, but
 > in Java too, and I noticed one difference between C# and Java IDEs:
 > while most java IDEs can automatically add imports (usings in C#), it
 > seems that only ReSharper can do it in C#. I think that it will be
 > nice to have such feature in MonoDevelop. Actually, I'm feeling very
 > uncomfortable when I have to manually type usings in MonoDevelop after
 > writing code in Eclipse.

Just a digression...

Although I would appreciate ReSharper-like hints while typing in MD
too, you do not really have to manually type usings even currently.
After typing unqualified name you can right click on it and then go
with Resolve and appropriate option (add using or make name fully
qualified). I am pretty sure that this is the way used in Visual Studio
without ReSharper installed. Usually I'm using MD built from the GIT
master (or newresolver), but the feature is there for quite a long

Or I did not understand what you meant.


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