[Mono-dev] question: huge amounts of RAM

Daniel Kirstenpfad daniel at sones.de
Wed Sep 21 05:42:20 EDT 2011



as some might already know we at sones are working on a C# based graph
database. And since we are about to test our in-memory version of our
database with huge amounts of memory the question came up if we will be able
to address those huge amounts of memory. 


When speaking of huge I mean 1 to 2 terabytes of RAM. 


Since we do not own machines with such extreme amounts of memory we have
been a limited time-frame assigned on such a machine to test our software
on. So we want to make sure upfront that we actually will be able to use
that amount of RAM


any ideas, problems and suggestions will be appreciated. 


Best regards,


Daniel Kirstenpfad

Founder / CTO


sones GmbH

Schillerstraße 5

D-04109 Leipzig


Mail: daniel.kirstenpfad at sones.com 

twitter: @bietiekay

Tel.: +49 341 392968-0

Fax: +49 361 2445 008

Web: www.sones.com


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