[Mono-dev] [Bug 694934] Assertion at mini.c:3678, condition `code' not met

Alexandre Faria spigaz at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 19:35:56 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

A few months back I reported a bug on the novell's bugzilla, its a
stability issue that I was able to isolate by creating and disposing a
lot of AppDomains. Apparently its more related to memory allocation than


In the sample, it creates more than 3 000 AppDomains, but in real world
usage it takes a lot less, depending on the memory usage, the more
memory you use in each the sooner you get it, so I'm getting it with a
few hundred. With sgen it gets even worse.

AppDomains are used a lot, in MonoDevelop, XSP and NUnit, so I'm
guessing there might be a workaround for this / an usage pattern that
avoids it. Any one knows?

Should I move the bug report to xamarin?

Is there any thing I can do to help fix it?

Best Regards,


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