[Mono-dev] interacting with method signatures from C (embedded)

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Oct 28 04:12:14 EDT 2011

On 28.10.2011 01:23, Jonathan Shore wrote:
>    MonoMethod* find_method (
>      MonoDomain* domain,
>      MonoClass* type,
>      const char* name,
>      int nargs,
>      MonoClass** types)
> I can iterate over the memebers with mono_signature_get_params(), however,
> this returns a MonoType* struct reference.  I cannot examine the "type"
> field of this struct as is not seen to be a complete structure without
> including the<mono/metadata/*-internals.h>  files.

The accessor is called  mono_type_get_type()

> I am aware of the "debug-helpers" interface which allows for the search of a
> class and method signature using a string.  This interface is oriented
> towards use cases where the method one is trying to locate is fixed.  The
> construction of the string signature is expensive.  Additionally in scanning
> methods, each method matching a name is rendered as a MonoMethodDesc,
> creating strings for the classname, namespace, and parameters.  This seems
> like a lot of overhead.

IMHO, the debug helpers are not suitable for what you're trying
to achieve.

If you really want to implement the lookup in C w/out using
C# helper (see Miguel's answer), then you have to enumerate
the methods yourself:

1) use mono_class_get_method_from_name(type, name, argument_count)
2) check the signature. If it doesn't match, then enumerate
    all methods with mono_class_get_methods().

Note that the functions above do not handle inherited
methods. You'd need to loop like this:

while (klass != NULL) {
	/* check methods */

	/* check parent's methods */
	klass = mono_class_get_parent (klass);


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