[Mono-dev] linking with lib mono-2.0 on osx (64 bit vs 32 bit)

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Wed Nov 9 22:59:47 EST 2011


Are there plans to provide a 64bit build of mono for OSX soon?   Most OSX
> boxes are 64 bit now.

We currently do not have plans because the major apps that people run with
Mono are bound to 32-bit APIs.

Gtk+ currently still depends on some 32-bit Carbon APIs and the MonoMac
bindings will require a complete audit for NSInteger parameters as this
value is is 32 or 64 bits long depending on the platform, and the current
binding assumes NSInteger == 32.

Given those two important GUI stacks are not ready to run on 64 bits, we
are not planning on shipping a 64 bit Mono.   But you can definitely build
your own side-by-side installation of Mono that runs in 64 bits:


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