[Mono-dev] Moonlight for Win/Mac as a cross platform desktop application platform

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Wed Nov 9 22:57:00 EST 2011

> As far as I know, Moonlight is not being worked on anymore.  However, do
> not let me stop you from working on it.  I'm sure xamarin will accept
> patches.
> Gtk# is your best bet for a cross-platform GUI for desktop applications
> that will work on .net/windows, mono/windows, mono/linux, mono/mac, etc.
> The other choice would be ASP.NET.
> System.Windows.Forms works, but I do not think it is maintained anymore.

Although Xamarin does not maintain the assembly, a few brave developers
have been fixing some bugs on the stack in the past year.

We would certainly accept patches to fix issues in the code.

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