[Mono-dev] [MonoDevelop] Banshee: TypeLoadException due to mono 2.10 ?

Levi Bard taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com
Tue May 31 05:06:42 EDT 2011

> This is definitely a bug that has to do with mono 2.10.
> I installed Ubuntu 11.04, and let run banshee. It worked fine.
> Then I installed mono 2.10.2 from the stable tarballs.
> When I restarted banshee afterwards, I got:
> Unhandled Exception: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type
> 'Banshee.ServiceStack.DBusServiceManager' from assembly
> 'Banshee.Services, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

I've seen similar errors with MD 2.6 built against a parallel Mono
2.10+, using gtk# from Mono 2.6.

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