[Mono-dev] Mono NUnit test upgrade task force

Atsushi Eno atsushieno at veritas-vos-liberabit.com
Wed May 25 09:23:30 EDT 2011


That spreadsheet is, well, obsoleted. Sorry I should have updated it 
with some comments.
The latest effort is beyond that phase. We can successfully compile our 
unit tests using nunit 2.6 preview, but turned out that there are lots 
of new nunit test failures. For details, read this:

The situation has not been changed since that email (sadly... ;)

Atsushi Eno

> Hi, I'd like to see Monodevelop to integrate NUnit 2.5, but I was told 
> (on monodevelop irc channel) that a requirement for such a transition 
> is to complete the porting of the mono unit tests.
> I've found this spreadsheet 
> (https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/tesio.it/pub?key=0ArFcR9McaFqmcmtXbC1aUUhKdmN1NnRrSk9lRkZnM0E&hl=en&output=html&cid=1304800261064-137 
> <https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/tesio.it/pub?key=0ArFcR9McaFqmcmtXbC1aUUhKdmN1NnRrSk9lRkZnM0E&hl=en&output=html&cid=1304800261064-137>) 
> but I can't find where progressions are tracked.
> Does someone has more informations?
> I tried to open mcs\class\corlib\Test\Mscorlib.Test20.sln on 
> Monodevelop (master from github) and it doesn't work (due to an 
> unknown ProjectTypeGuid).
> The same for VS2010 express.
> Giacomo
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