[Mono-dev] Unable to build current master on Linux

Konrad M. Kruczyński konrad.kruczynski at gmail.com
Mon May 23 15:17:24 EDT 2011

Hi Leszek,

> I'm trying to build current master branch on Linux, today it keeps failing with
> (...)

I can confirm that. Using git bisect I was able to find that first
time compilation has been broken after 5c82e32b676 commit, i.e. using
new versions of functions to moving and zeroing memory. Apparently
author knew that, because few commits later one can found a commit to
fix broken build - new functions are using old one there. There is one
more commit dealing with this which probably should fix those new
functions and therefore again setting project to use them. However it
does not work for me and Leszek.

Build is broken while one of the first uses of freshly built MCS,
because it is the first attempt to run managed code and, therefore,
modified garbage collector.

What is more interesting, I wasn't able to fix the build by reverting
last commit made to gc.c. This is strange, because effectively it
should tell new functions just to use the old one. Maybe not
everywhere. Probably Rodrigo Kumpera should check this out.

Are there other able to reproduce this?


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