[Mono-dev] WebConnectionStream.Read() timeout downloading large files with Mono 2.10.1

Tom Philpot tom.philpot at logos.com
Tue May 17 15:16:10 EDT 2011

Since switching to 2.10.1 for our app, we're seeing a lot more Read() timeouts when downloading large files (greater than 50 MB or so).

I've created a small test program that reproduces the behavior.  We've noticed that this bug is that it is more likely to happen on users systems who only have 2 cores. On machines with 4 or more cores, bug does not manifest itself as much.

Running the test program under 2.6.x works fine, but under 2.10.1 it fails more often than not for me when I run on my MacBook. It runs fine on my MacPro whether I use 2.6.x or 2.10.1

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