[Mono-dev] FULL-AOT problem in SUSE 11.2

Bojan Rajkovic severedcross at gmail.com
Sat May 7 16:12:26 EDT 2011

2011/5/7 huseyin cakir <huseyin.cakir35 at gmail.com>

> We actually need full-aot for another platform(arm) not SUSE but this was
> just for testing if it is working or not, assuming that SUSE is the best
> place to test whether we can make full-aot. But it seems we make smth
> missing I just asked that...
> Thanks for your replies...

You don't necessarily need full-AOT for ARM even. You only need full AOT for
platforms where the JITter doesn't work, which is only iOS for now (iOS
forbids marking pages as writable *and* executable, known as W^X
protection). On a Linux/ARM or BSD/ARM platform, the JITter works just fine,
without any AOT.

Hope that helps,

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