[Mono-dev] Mono 2.10.2 MONO_GC_PARAMS problem

huseyin cakir huseyin.cakir35 at gmail.com
Wed May 4 10:04:28 EDT 2011

Hi, we shipped from *Mono 2.8* to *Mono 2.10.2*. In our memory tests we try
to insert
export parameters as we did in *Mono 2.8* but we had the problem as shown
below we
can't set nursery-size to the environment variables.

*export MONO_GC_PARAMS=nursery-size=16m*

*mono sample.exe*

*MONO_GC_PARAMS must be a comma-delimited list of one or more of the
  max-heap-size=N (where N is an integer, possibly with a k, m or a g

It seems that we can't set any variable except than max-heap-size in* 2.10.2
Can someone help us about this issue?
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