[Mono-dev] Minimal required set to Redistribute Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Mar 23 02:07:37 EDT 2011

> I' am trying to understand what are the minimal required runtime libraries
> needed if I need to redistribute Mono with my application. We had the
> impression initially that we would have installation of Mono Framework as a
> pre-requisit on end computers (mostly Mac). Now it has been decided to go
> with the redistribution option. So is it required to package the complete
> Mono framework installation with our application installer ? I' am
> interested in finding if there is minimal subset of the complete framework
> that are enough to get our App running under mono ?

I do not believe anyone has produced a document describing that
subset.   It does exist, for instance, mkbundle tries hard to resolve
all of those dependencies, and so does our MonoMac packager.

You probably can start by looking at the source for mkbundle.cs and
adding things based on your needs

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