[Mono-dev] GSoC 2011 - Interest

Andreia Gaita shana.ufie at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 18:26:08 EDT 2011

Hi Abdul,

Thank you for your interest! We're currently getting organized around
here, and since the announcement came out right before the weekend,
it's likely that feedback and discussion on projects is going to pick
up after the weekend. In any case, the Gettext addin referred should
be the Monodevelop addin mentioned here:

andreia gaita

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 4:35 PM, Abdul Rauf <raufbutt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Team Mono,
> I am very excited to contribute in open source community through the
> platform of Google Summer of Code 2011. I have visited the web page
> of “Mono” at http://mono-project.com/Gsoc and have seen project ideas for
> GSoC 2011. I am interested in two projects. The reason for my interest is
> that I have previously worked on .NET related projects both in VB and C# and
> want to develop skills of IDE development. I am writing you to let you know
> my understanding of the project and required knowledge of technologies. I
> would like your feedback on it. My understanding of the requirements is as
> follows:
> “Debugger Visualizer”
> 1.  Implement a debugger visualizer (Can “Debugger Visualizer” template from
> .NET framework be used?)
> 2.  A DataType assembly will be loaded into the debugger visualizer at
> runtime and display the desired properties in a presentable form.
> 3.  I need to specify which visualizers are to be implemented.
> “Translation Resources Editor”
> 1. Implement an editor for different language resources to help people edit
> resources files without modifying XML files directly.
> 2. The program should load strings from .resx file and provide an interface
> to enter the required translations.
> Also, it says "Should extend or share code with the Gettext addin." I am not
> quite sure about this at the moment. Does it mean that this Resource Editor
> is required to be integrated with Gettext? Any help is appreciated in this
> regard.
> Could you please suggest me some pointers to start working with?
> Regards
> Rauf Butt
> University of Gloucestershire
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