[Mono-dev] Application uses 5x more memory on Linux than on Window

Steve Steve at owv-hv.de
Thu Mar 17 21:10:15 EDT 2011


I'm developing a console application with Visual Studio 2010.
The final aim is to run the application as a service/daemon on a Linux
system, but I'm developing on Windows as Visual Studio has a lot of

Actually there is no problem letting the application run on linux (it's
using nhibernate, log4net and many other libraries).
But I noticed a huge memory usage difference. If I'm compiling the
application on my Windows system and let it run, it consumes up to 40mb
ram (Release without debug information, csc).
On Linux (Ubuntu 10.10 Mono 2.6.7 ) it consumes 200mb.

Does anyone know why there is such a huge difference and can explain me why?

P.S.: I used xcopy deployment till now and I haven't tried compiling it
with mono yet.

Best regards

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