[Mono-dev] Issue with inlining in the JIT

Zoltan Varga vargaz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 18:14:19 EST 2011


  Create a testcase and attach it to a bug report.


On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 12:08 AM, Michael Mudge <michael at mudge.com> wrote:

> I'm running into an access violation in Mono... I've traced the
> "cause" as far back as I can (mono_method_to_ir), but that function is
> so full of macros and switches that it's hard to figure out how it
> came to make the decision it did.  Here is the story of how the access
> violation occurs:
> ins->sreg1 is being set to 0xA365734 in method-to-ir.c, line 5928
> (call to EMIT_NEW_ARGLOAD call in the CEE_LDARG_3 case of
> mono_method_to_ir).
> The call stack at this point is:
> mono_method_to_ir                  (working on Size::.ctor)
> .. called by inline_method()       (working on Size::.ctor)
> .. called by mono_method_to_ir()   (working on Rectangle::get_Size)
> .. called by inline_method()       (working on Rectangle::get_Size)
> .. called by mono_method_to_ir()   (working on
> TextRenderer::MeasureTextInternal)
> .. called by mini_method_compile() (working on
> TextRenderer::MeasureTextInternal)
> ..
> Later, in local-propagation.c, line 77 (at the call to
> mono_inst_get_src_registers in mono_local_cprop), the ins->sreg1 value
> is moved to sregs[0]:
>  num_sregs = mono_inst_get_src_registers (ins, sregs);
> Two lines later, the value is moved to sreg:
>  int sreg = sregs [i];
> Two lines later, that value (0xA365734) is used to index into an array:
>  defs [sreg] = NULL;
> And boom, access violation.  I can follow values around all day, but I
> have no idea what this code is supposed to do or how it should work.
> Anyone have any insight the cause of this?  The next steps in terms of
> debugging?  I'm using Mono 2.8.2.
> - Kipp
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