[Mono-dev] Bug in Screen.GetBounds and missing ld-config file after mono 2.10.1 installation from source

Quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Sun Mar 6 18:17:21 EST 2011


I'm writing a fully managed remote-desktop clone.

I encountered a problem:
I wanted to take a screenshot in managed code, as described here:
(first comment for proper code)

Which gets me this on mono 2.6.7 and 2.10.1 (upgraded to 2.10.1 after it
didn't work in 2.6.7):
System.InvalidOperationException: XGetImage returned NULL when asked to
for a 5120x800 region block

If I add (uncomment it, see code at the bottom of this mail)
rectScreenBounds = new System.Drawing.Rectangle(0,0,100,100);
then it works...

So the result of the System.Windows.Forms.Screen.GetBounds rectangle is
certainly wrong.
(It works fine on Windows).
I've got a 1024x768 resolution, 15 inch laptop monitor...

You can get the proper screen bounds in C by getting DisplayHeight and
DisplayWidth from DefaultScreen via X11 with this code:

    char *display_name = NULL;

    Display* display;

    /* open the connection to the display "simey:0". */
    display = XOpenDisplay(display_name);// display = XOpenDisplay("simey:0");
    if (display == NULL)
        fprintf(stderr, "Cannot connect to X server %s\n", "simey:0");
        exit (-1);

    int screen_height = DisplayHeight(display, DefaultScreen(display));
    int screen_width  = DisplayWidth(display, DefaultScreen(display));
    printf("This screen is (%d,%d)\n", screen_width, screen_height);

    XCloseDisplay( display )

Furthermore, since I already am writing an email, after compiling the
entire mono 2.10.1 suite:
When starting MonoDevelop, I get:
---> System.DllNotFoundException: gtksharpglue-2

But libgtksharpglue-2.so is present in

This error occurs because libgtksharpglue-2.so is in a subfolder of
/usr/lib, so this path is NOT in the ld-config paths.

One needs to create a glib.conf file in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/:

gedit /etc/ld.so.conf.d/glib.conf

And then add this text to it

# Mono needs you

And afterwards updating the ld-library paths


This needs to be included in the installing subroutine (well, without
using gedit, you know what I mean)

Here my screenshot code:
(Note: it gets called from a timer every 1000/24 = 41 milliseconds)

        protected System.Drawing.Rectangle rectScreenBounds =
        protected System.Drawing.Bitmap bmpScreenshot = new
System.Drawing.Bitmap(1, 1);
        private void GetScreenshot()
            // Do I need to dispose the PictureBox.Image as well ?
            if (this.pictureBox1.Image != null)
            //rectScreenBounds = new System.Drawing.Rectangle(0,0,100,100);
            bmpScreenshot = new
System.Drawing.Bitmap(rectScreenBounds.Width, rectScreenBounds.Height);
            using (System.Drawing.Graphics g =
System.Drawing.Point.Empty, rectScreenBounds.Size);
            } // End Using g
            this.pictureBox1.Image = bmpScreenshot;
        } // End Sub GetScreenshot

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