[Mono-dev] Mono 2.10.1 Can't open a Windows Form on Windows 7 x64

Guy Sherman guy at guysherman.com
Sat Mar 5 04:07:01 EST 2011



I've been working on embedding mono in a sandbox game engine I'm working on.
I'm running 64bit Windows 7, and I've built v2.10.1 of the mono runtime for
64bit, and it seems to have worked.mostly.


I had 2.6.7 working quite well (64-bit, Windows 7, vs2010), loading up a
windows form, which then made an internal call (using the mono api for
adding functions into the runtime) which attached a DirectX renderer to it,
and all was happy. I then wanted some .net 4 features like Xaml and WPF, so
I upgraded to 2.10.1, was very pleased with how much easier the build was
(only a little bit of mucking about needed to get the 64it build working)
but have run into a problem. It seems that any code that creates a windows
form crashes the runtime. To make sure it wasn't my code, I created a simple
WindowsFormsApplication1, and ran it first with the Win32 mono.exe that came
with the 2.10.1 install - fine. I then ran it with my 64-bit build of
mono.exe and it failed - first time I ran I got a crashdump, now it just
quits me back to the console window, and I can't find the crashdump files.
This is a standard System.Windows.Form, not a WPF window.


I can, however, tell you where it fails in the mono runtime code because I
can debug up to it in my embedding host.


Unhandled exception at 0x000007fee20b8065 (mono-2.0.dll) in SuperNova.exe:
0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000200000037.

Mono\metadata\class.c:4681 : if (class->parent && !class->parent->inited)


I have saved a memory dump out of visual studio, but it is 71mb so I've
nowhere to put it - let me know if you want it.


I'm ok to go back to my builds of 2.6.7 for now - I don't NEED the .net 4
stuff for the moment.


If there is a more official place to  log this can someone let me know, I'll
be happy to do it.




Guy Sherman

web: http://www.guysherman.com


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