[Mono-dev] sdb-cli: Command Line Interface to the Soft Debugger

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Jun 13 12:03:56 EDT 2011


I forgot to mention that my remarks only concern the
integration of sdb-cli into mono/mcs/tools/.


On 13.06.2011 17:47, Alex wrote:
> Hi,
> There are two reasons I chose to use Mono.Debugging:
> 1) Expression evaluation.
> 2) Nicer interface for VM events (all the socket stuff is abstracted away).
> I consider the first the most important, personally, and I don't think
> there's any other (efficient) way to feature expression evaluation.
> Expression evaluation is absolutely crucial, especially with a command
> line debugger (where you don't have pretty type visualizers), so it
> needs to be there in one form or another.
> I'm also currently looking into adding ICSharpCode.Decompiler as a
> dependency, which would undoubtedly add to the friction... The reason
> for this is to allow decompiling assemblies for which there is no
> source code, and (hopefully) support debugging (breakpoints, etc) in
> the future.
> Overall, it'll probably be hard to ship sdb-cli with Linux distros,
> but what about the Mac packages?
> Regards,
> Alex
> 2011/6/13 Robert Jordan<robertj at gmx.net>:
>> On 11.06.2011 13:57, Alex wrote:
>>> The driving force behind this project is being able to debug
>>> applications without relying on an IDE. MonoDevelop is a great IDE,
>>> but it's not always practical to use a full-blown IDE for debugging.
>>> The project sits here: https://github.com/XTZGZoReX/sdb-cli
>> Very nice, thank you!
>>> I'm hoping this project could become an official part of the Mono
>>> project. I realize that with the dependencies it has, including it in
>>> the Mono repository itself would be problematic. Would it be possible
>>> for it to have a repository under the Mono organization? Furthermore,
>>> if it does become a part of the Mono organization, is there any way
>>> that it could be packaged with Mono without causing friction (due to
>>> its dependencies)? (The latter is not *that* important, but it would
>>> be a great way to get this tool out to the masses.)
>> Distributions are usually not amused when they have to
>> compile against binary BLOBS distributed with source code.
>> This means that they'd probably take sdb-cli out of the build
>> because it's too much work for them to figure out a source-only
>> build for these binary components.
>> I did not look at the source, but is there a really compelling
>> reason other than comfort to support expressions (NRefactory)
>> and MD's Mono.Debugging.Soft (better abstraction)?
>> Is conditional compilation an option?
>> Robert
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