[Mono-dev] sdb-cli: Command Line Interface to the Soft Debugger

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Jun 13 11:36:02 EDT 2011

On 11.06.2011 13:57, Alex wrote:
> The driving force behind this project is being able to debug
> applications without relying on an IDE. MonoDevelop is a great IDE,
> but it's not always practical to use a full-blown IDE for debugging.
> The project sits here: https://github.com/XTZGZoReX/sdb-cli

Very nice, thank you!

> I'm hoping this project could become an official part of the Mono
> project. I realize that with the dependencies it has, including it in
> the Mono repository itself would be problematic. Would it be possible
> for it to have a repository under the Mono organization? Furthermore,
> if it does become a part of the Mono organization, is there any way
> that it could be packaged with Mono without causing friction (due to
> its dependencies)? (The latter is not *that* important, but it would
> be a great way to get this tool out to the masses.)

Distributions are usually not amused when they have to
compile against binary BLOBS distributed with source code.

This means that they'd probably take sdb-cli out of the build
because it's too much work for them to figure out a source-only
build for these binary components.

I did not look at the source, but is there a really compelling
reason other than comfort to support expressions (NRefactory)
and MD's Mono.Debugging.Soft (better abstraction)?
Is conditional compilation an option?


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