[Mono-dev] sdb-cli: Command Line Interface to the Soft Debugger

Alex xtzgzorex at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 07:57:14 EDT 2011


I've been working on a command line interface to Mono's soft debugger
recently; I call it sdb-cli. It's going to be very similar to gdb and
.NET's mdbg. It currently depends on Mono.Debugger.Soft from the Mono
repository, and NRefactory/Mono.Debugging.Soft from MonoDevelop. The
latter two are used for expression evaluation and a higher-level
interface to the soft debugger.

The driving force behind this project is being able to debug
applications without relying on an IDE. MonoDevelop is a great IDE,
but it's not always practical to use a full-blown IDE for debugging.

The project sits here: https://github.com/XTZGZoReX/sdb-cli

It currently supports starting/pausing/stopping, breakpoints, watches,
backtraces, disassembly, evaluation, source view, as well as
inspection of locals, threads, etc. It's not complete, but it is in a
fairly usable state now.

It's relatively simple to use. Just run sdb-cli.exe after building it,
and type "help" in the console. It'll list all currently supported

I'm hoping this project could become an official part of the Mono
project. I realize that with the dependencies it has, including it in
the Mono repository itself would be problematic. Would it be possible
for it to have a repository under the Mono organization? Furthermore,
if it does become a part of the Mono organization, is there any way
that it could be packaged with Mono without causing friction (due to
its dependencies)? (The latter is not *that* important, but it would
be a great way to get this tool out to the masses.)



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