[Mono-dev] Mono/C# for Apache

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Jun 9 09:53:20 EDT 2011

On 09.06.2011 15:34, g4 at novadsp.com wrote:
>>> Okay, I've found them: http://haydn.sourceforge.net/
>>> The issue with this code is: it's calling mono_jit_cleanup
>>> on every request. This is suboptimal, buggy and shouldn't
>>> be done.
> Hello Robert, excellent, thanks. Anything else malign that caught your
> eye? I would sorely like to get Mono and Apache 2 playing nice.

1. The code is also calling mono_jit_init on every request.
It should be done only once per process as it has the
same limitations like mono_jit_cleanup.

I'd rather use mono_jit_init_version() and make the
version string a configurable http config setting.

2. The internal calls should be added only once as well.

3. The static "request" field won't work in threaded
mode (I forgot how Apache is calling this mode. MTM?)


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