[Mono-dev] Mono/C# for Apache

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Jun 9 09:19:40 EDT 2011

On 09.06.2011 14:41, Robert Jordan wrote:
> On 09.06.2011 14:22, g4 at novadsp.com wrote:
>> An exploratory question. There is abandoned code in the Apache source tree which
>> attempted to allow C# to be used to create Apache modules. One of the problems
>> cited by the authors was the Boehm GC used in the Mono runtime, suggesting that
>> the system be built without it. Does anyone know if this GC is still in use?
> Would you please post a link to these sources?
> Robert

Okay, I've found them: http://haydn.sourceforge.net/

The issue with this code is: it's calling mono_jit_cleanup
on every request. This is suboptimal, buggy and shouldn't
be done.


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