[Mono-dev] Mono and ole32.dll

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Jun 9 05:01:12 EDT 2011

On 09.06.2011 10:43, cosmin.ciuraru wrote:
> I don't want to use Wine at all, not suited for a server application.
> Would http://linux.lsdev.sil.org/wiki/index.php/Libcom_usage_example be a
> possible workaround?
> Also dated back to 2007, it probably derived from this article:
> http://linux.lsdev.sil.org/blog/?p=22

I doubt that ole32.dll is your only issue. Why are you
using COM in the first place? Because you're interacting
with native COM objects, either you own or some Windows
COM object. So you'd have to port these native objects
first, preferably in a way that makes them p/invoke
compatible with Mono, e.g. using the sil.org samples.


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