[Mono-dev] Non-TCP/IP socket access

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Jul 22 09:40:43 EDT 2011

On 22.07.2011 15:00, Andy Hume wrote:
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>> On 22.07.2011 13:08, Andy Hume wrote:
>>> Presumably I can't convert my fd to a wapi handle somehow...  So is
>>> that plan not going to work? :-,(
>> It won't work. The whole socket machinery assumes type
>> AF_UNIX or AF_INET. If you set a fd of some other address
>> family type, a lot of nasty things could happen if this check
>> wasn't there.
>> Get/SetSocketOptions, Local/RemoteEndPoint etc. simply don't
>> cope with other AF types. They would return garbage at best.
> I actually don't need to call any of those functions -- and if I were I
> could just P/Invoke them...[1] :-,(
> The bit I obviously don't want to have to write myself is anything to do
> with I/O.  That's a huge amount of difficult work and its all there and
> working in Mono and would work for my (SOCK_STREAM) socket if I could
> just create the socket somehow. :-,(
> All I need is that wapi handle...[2]  Do we think it's impossible to
> access it.

It looks like you could be able to create the socket with
io-layers's function:

static extern int _wapi_socket(int domain, int type,
   int protocol, IntPtr unused1, int unused2, int unused3);

Then assign the returned descriptor via reflection.

I'll be shot for this one day ;)


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