[Mono-dev] Mixed Mode Assemblies

Quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Sat Jul 9 18:14:32 EDT 2011

Approach 4 worked well for me so far.
Declare delegates, then use an abstract class for dlopen/LoadLibrary,
based on OS.
Write once - use infinite times.

The real question is:
Do you have write access to a temporary directory, and can the
webserver-process read from there ?...

As to the large executable size:
You can also just embed a link, and then download from web instead of
The only probelm is this requires permissions to do so (user, firewall),
and it just takes longer.
Plus you have to create a download system + have a server running with
the content for download.

On 07/09/2011 02:05 PM, Robert Jordan wrote:
> Extracting and loading native libraries at run-time won't work
> correctly on sane systems, unless you somehow manage to (1)
> extract them into a path already configured as a library path,
> (2) using absolute paths in DllImport attributes, (3) generating
> DllImport code at run-time or (4) loading the libs and their
> exports w/out DllImport's help (dlopen, LoadLibrary etc.).
> That's why nobody is using such an approach in real world,
> at least not under Unix. Using <dllmap> or a starter shell
> script that sets the LD path is by far less complex (a
> matter of minutes to develop).
> Robert
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