[Mono-dev] WindowsAuthenticationModule status and plans

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 05:21:04 EDT 2011

  I'm trying to migrate some ASP.NET apps to mono and I found that
this module is not implemented (from
http://www.mono-project.com/Config_system.web_authentication page this
confirm). This is the only change I had to do to migrate some apps so
I have to say Mono is doing its job but this seems quite a stopover
for our intranet. Users are used to just enter without any prompt so
I'd like to see "Integrated Windows Authentication" works even under
Linux. I have some experience with NTLM/SPNEGO stuff and I saw
integrated authentication working on apache on Unix systems but few
experience with mono/.NET.

Anybody is working on this issue? Some hints in order to get it
implemented. Any comment is accepted.

  Frediano Ziglio

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