[Mono-dev] Mono's future

Quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Tue Jul 5 16:49:16 EDT 2011

I plan on setting up a website on mono support.

It will:
  - Collect paid support request and people able to do paid support
(rent-a-coder style)
  - Collect bug reports (and bounties anybody sets out to get a specific
bug fixed)
  - Provide a list of people searching and offering mono/Linux-related
  - Provide a general .NET marketplace for (larger) code snippets
(buy/sell + for free)
  - Collect mono related tutorials and organize them (also make it
possible for users to submit one)
  - Collect volunteer-work and providing ideas for such
  - Provide a troubleshoot forum & wiki
  - and of course collect money/donations (partially by ads, unobtrusively)

If you want to be on the supplier list, drop me a mail (caution, my
mailbox might be full).

It will also publish some libraries that almost work with mono on Linux,
with the necessary fixes
(DNS/ExcelPackagePlus, screenshot library, dataBase abstraction/access
layer, ffmpeg-wrapper, SendKeys library for X11 [yes, I have it
working], etc.)

Then, I also want to put up some introductory quick-start-tutorials for
SQL-databases that run on Linux (MySQL, PostGre, Oracle, Sybase,
FireBird, ODBC).
As well as the setup thereof.

I also plan to put an Android-APK dex/Java-decompiler online (of course
only to be used on your own creations :) ).
The SendKeys library is something I had to implement for that, because
the decompiler backend is deliberately made a GUI application (and
packed + encrypted), so it couldn't be used for precisely this. The
freely available tools aren't quite good enough. I can, by now, remote
control the GUI decompiler from a WinForms and a console application,
but I still struggle a bit to get this tinkering-program-design somehow
to work in a multithreaded environment.

I will also make available a text-to-speech webservice, with an
espeak-backend (pinvoke wrapper finished).

Future plans are a virus-checking webservice (ClamAV pinvoke TBD)+ a
mime-identification service (I now have a working libmagic wrapper).

I've been working on those things for quite a while.
By now, it's working with MVC3 with Razor + Ajax + JQuery + nHibernate
on Linux and PostGre/Firebird/MySQL (+ MS-SQL).

I now got a new server, x64 with 4 GB RAM, running Ubuntu Server 11.04 +
nginx + mono 2.10.2
with virtual name-based hosting up-and-running, even for punycode URLs.
That should be fast enough for the beginning.

However, the nameservers I use(d) are 'switching to a better support
mode', which is a nice way to say that they will start to charge
ridiculous fees, so I was busy setting up my own nameservers, for that I
will never have to move my nameserver-entries ever again in the future
(believe me, setting up bind9-DLZ is a undocumented pain-in-the ass that
can consume an entire weekend with ease).

Since I got bind9-dlz running, I will also offer DNS service (for free,
if reasonably few traffic).
Which I later-on intend to combine with a cheap mono website-hosting
service, of which FREE DNS service will be a part :)).

However, this is time-consuming, and since I also have a normal job 8
hours a day, 5 days a week - and since I already have to work overtime
there (we've TOO MUCH work here, we're delivering next week what should
have been delivered in January 2011), and since I'm also helping out
(paid) a workmate writing a supplier-data-exchange soap-interface for
his own little private commercial project till mid-month (he's run into
his own set of problems with overtime + family), there will be an early
prototype online at the end of the month, at best. However, I'm not sure
whether it's wise to put something half-finished online, so I might
still reconsider even that - I'll see what I have at the end of the month.

In the meantime, I could use any help I can get.
- ideas / suggestion
- somebody who's fluent in Gimp/Photoshop for creating design stuff,
logo, banner, etc.
- somebody who has already done a pinvoke wrapper for ClamAV (there is
one half-finished one on SourceForge, I think)

Kind regards


On 07/05/2011 11:26 AM, Andrew Brehm wrote:
> Robert Jordan wrote:
>> On 01.07.2011 12:01, ah hatem wrote:
>>> What is the current status of mono after the layoff of the entire mono
>>> team?
>>> How will that affect mono on the short and long terms? How much of the
>>> mono
>> The former Novell employees are now focused on product development
>> for mobile platforms and their tooling. Parts of Mono/.NET
>> framework unrelated to these platforms may become more or less
>> abandoned, but they already were, so this is nothing new!
> I do hope that Xamarin will also offer Mono for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows
> like Novell did before.
> MonoMac is too good to give up!
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