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For the sake of throwing it out there, Mono used to run on Wrench,
written by Rolf, and I hosted the wrench server for moonlight free of
charge for the last few years.  I'm happy to do that indefinitely
going forward on the same server if the community wants to go that


I would love to keep reusing the existing setup.


I guess what needs to be done is to add servers and configurations to it?


How are those servers added, and how do we need to coordinate with you to
get those updated?





I'll setup a server on Geoff's machine, then it's just a matter of adding
builders, which is easy. I can also teach Alex about it so that he can take
over from Andrew.


The problem has always been getting enough hardware in all the variations
mono supports. So if anybody has any machines or VMs that can run full-time
please send me a mail. Have in mind that it'll be pretty much required to
give us root access to the machine (it's a lot easier and faster to have one
person with access to all the bots than having that person contacting all
the individual admins whenever something has to be changed / installed on
the builder).



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