[Mono-dev] Make it go faster

McLachlan, Charles CMcLachlan at illumina.com
Wed Jan 26 04:25:56 EST 2011

I have a heavily used path in my code that iterates over a big array and
does a bit of maths.

Mono 2.8 on 64bit linux seems to be about 2.5 times slower than .NET on
64bit Windows.

The path is pure .NET, but other bits of the program use native
libraries for other computationally intensive bits. This means the whole
lot is compiled with -unsafe.

I have tried compiling the code with both Visual Studio and dmcs. Both
executables run in the same sort of times (i.e. the speed hit is coming
from the different virtual machine, not the compiler producing "bad"

Is there any voodoo I can give mono (at runtime) to make it do
maths/array traversal faster?
(or any web page that describes how to make it go faster?)

I have tried --aot, followed by --optimize=aot as well as various
combinations of --optimise=loop,aot,all all with no appreciable change.

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