[Mono-dev] Broken Linq to XSD managed provider in .Net 4.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Jan 20 10:58:48 EST 2011


> There is no toolchain (moma) bug when they are indeed marked. And I
> won't remove those attributes when there are reasons.
> Why don't you just *run* it and see if it works or not instead?

A couple of years ago we introduced a couple of extra attributes
(derived from MonoTODO) that are more useful to describe the actual
problem, and we should in general use those attributes as they will
help our users, and also they provide more metadata to developers
looking at the code about what the problem is.

The attributes are:

MonoInternalNote (for internal implementation details)
MonoLimitation (for saying, we implemented it, but there are some caveats)
MonoNotSupported (For when we dont want to throw NIEX).


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